About us

Profound Educational Services Limited. [PESL]. Is a Certified Educational Consultancy firm registered as RC 1109241


authorized to carry on business as an Educational Services provider in the area of international placement of qualified students for overseas institutions. Our credibility lies in our excellent working relationships and affiliation to a number of educational institutions abroad which enable us to provide speedy results in admissions processing.

We pride ourselves as one of the highly professional organization with global footprint and deep experience that have garnered over the years through hard work, dedication and commitment on our strong client relationship.

At Profound Educational Services Limited [PESL], we put the educational goals of each student at the forefront of everything we do. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that qualified students applications are carefully reviewed and successfully placed in programs and institutions that best suit their career goals. We are committed to providing quick admission processing for qualified students as well as specialize in thorough visa counseling and processing towards ensuring that each application is successful. This has given us a unique foundation in providing academic pathways that create superior outcomes for student overall successes.

We apply this same approach to each and every client applying to visit or immigrate to Canada and wish to take advantage of the exceptional quality of life and the world of opportunities offered by Canada. Our Renowned Global immigration expatriates would be glad to work with you to achieve your goals of relocating.

PESL works with group of highly knowledgeable team members to provide help and guidance to all prospective students who intend to study abroad.

Our Vision

To become “the preferred” global leader in delivery of high quality educational consultancy services to bridge the gap between overseas education providers and the international student.

Our Mission

To build a long-lasting and healthy relationships with our highly esteemed clients through our personalized and satisfactory services.

Our Value

Integrity: our word is our bond. We tell it the way it is. This is why we are trusted and reliable.
Education: we partner with the most prestigious institutions across the world.
Professionalism: we value mastery and continuous improvement in what we do.
Customer Service: Our diligent care puts you first and guarantees your peace of mind.
Results: We love to go the Extra Mile to see our students succeed!

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