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For as long as I remember acquiring my tertiary education outside the country has been a dream of mine from the start. A dream I never thought could be a reality until my mum proved under wise. My mum had decided that I would study abroad. Personally, I colored the decision with open arms, but my dad was skeptical about the decision. He had a standing orientation that Nigerian traveling agencies cannot be trusted. After sometimes, my dad gave in to her proposal and started the hunt for a trustworthy agent .Then out of the blues came Edna Joseph.

Despite our constant probing and enquiries, Ms Edna Joseph, a smart, swift and trustworthy woman proved to be what my dad wanted in an agent. After sometimes, I met up with her after perfect arrangement of the required document in Lagos to process my visa at the embassy to make my dream of studying at ACADIA UNIVERSITY a reality.

Thank you profound education, you are surely the best education consultant.