I would say, its a privilege to come in contact with ProfoundEdu and i’ll forever be grateful to God that they found me too. i had quite a tough time getting admission to a school in Canada, i had several attempts turned down. Within days of acquiring the services of ProfoundEdu, I received my Admission Acceptance letter and my visa to Canada was approved after due processes. What I love about this company is that I was involved in the whole processes regardless of the fact that I was in Port Harcourt and they are in Lagos, the constant communication made me relaxed and comfortable.

Profound Edu ltd. is an epitome of efficiency and dependability. I was astonished and amazed at the reliability of their guidance and assistance which is second to none, and I would recommend their services to anyone in a heartbeat.

God bless Profound Edu, Edna and all the team working in collaboration for setting me on the path to achieve my dreams! More grease to your elbows.


The quality of service rendered is not measured in the amount of paper work involved, or the time spent on the job, but it is a product of how much satisfaction customers derive from the service rendered.

PROFOUND EDUCATION LTD has not only met my expectations, but they have given me a light burning so bright that is going to be my testimony to others. The light which I know I have being spreading and will always will.

I am so happy to have being a part of this smiles adding organisation and having gone through the process of getting my CANADIAN VISA with them.

I am so very much impressed by your undiluted doggedness and the thorough job you have done.
I love you…#EDNA, I love PROFOUNDEDU, God bless you. keep doing what you do.


I was privileged to know about Profound Educational Services, a firm truly dedicated to actualizing one’s educational dreams abroad. They are Excellence in orderliness, and trust were the strong and overwhelming features I encountered with this company.

With their help and advice, I was able to make a good choice of school and career path; also processing my Canadian visa application became something easier and smoother for the embassy as the company ensured that every single document needed for a positive anticipation and response from the embassy was provided and submitted on time.

I recommend this company to any prospective candidate out there, who longs for further studies abroad as they are trustworthy and highly committed, ensuring that you are treated with specialty and utmost priority.

I am a student of Centennial College today studying international business management because Profound Educational Services helped me to work out this dream

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I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you for your assistance in processing my admission and acquiring a visa to study in Canada.
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I had a wonderful experience and an excellent services delivery by Profound Educational Services. I got to know about this company through an individual my father met on the plane, you can imagine the extent of productivity and customer satisfaction a stranger my dad met on the plane got from using the services of Profound educational services limited. For a total stranger to give a good testimony about the satisfaction gotten from services rendered by this organization, they worth good recommendation to any individual who desire to study abroad. What more do I need to say, I have no regrets working with them because they are trust worthy and they kept to their words. They also help in preparing me for all necessary exams (e.g. GRE,), put me through all their essays and even preparing me for all sorts of oral interviews. I liked the fact that they are also very time conscious and all documents used to processing my visa to Canada was returned in good condition at the end of the whole processing.

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Profound Edu ltd, are prompt and trustworthy professionals. Searching for the best career path may not be easy, but you may have a little leap ahead with the right people to guide you. As a graduate, I had a lot of questions on my mind on what should I do next to further my study abroad. For sure, many of us feel the same way. Until, Edna Joseph came my way. Well, doubts about agencies arisen, but as you can see, they have legit evidences. So, there I went.. Started the processes for my “journey” and now my Visa to Canada has been approved. It was really a smooth sailing, and in the end it yielded good result. with patience, determination, punctuality, and most especially prayers, for sure, you my friend will reach your dreams. That is why, I am so thankful to God and Profound Educational services Ltd for being there, helping to organize all my papers, and patiently entertaining to all my questions, I wish all the best to you Edna Joseph and your team, what I liked about your agency is your honesty and transparency. You want the best for your clients and that matters a lot.

May the Lord God shower your agency with more clients and bless you abundantly.